Day 3: A Letter To Your Parents

Dear Parents,

Well what can I say ? Everything that I have is because of them. Everything that I am comes from them. I am blessed to have my parents. I guess i’ll start with my dad.

Dad. I’m definitely daddy’s little girl. Growing up I would bond more with him in some things. He’s my protector, my friend, my father. I know that he can be strict sometimes… ok most of the time… but i don’t blame him. I mean i see all those girls nowadays throwing themselves at every guy that passes by them. if i see it then i know he sees it. i know where he’s coming from. i just wished he trusted me a little bit more. im not that kind of gal. i mean im pretty sure ive made it pretty obvious what kind of girl i am if i havent even gone on a date at the age of 21. but i know i know he cant override his instinct as my protector. hahaha i just got an image of my dad with a red cape “coming to my rescue” lol anyways all in all i love my dad. i love his faults, his perfections, his persona. he works hard to be a good person and to take care of his family. since the moment he married my mom and percy came along, his taken care of this family. he didnt give up when times were tough. he tackles on so much stress that sometimes i worry about his health. he started from nothing following many others by coming to america for the american dream. but that didnt put him down. he was blessed and was granted a job and he worked hard to move up. and he did. he is now a controller (bookkeeper/accountant) for sidewalk enterprises. i mean starting as a dish washer at a restaurant to becoming a controller is such an accomplishment. and the best part is that hes doing something he loves !! he loves math and numbers and working at the office. he enjoys is. and he hardly ever missed any of our school event, any of our games, or concerts. he would work overtime to make up for the hours. i mean hes amazing and i just cant believe i was blessed with such an amazing father. its a blessing enough to have my dad with me.

mom: que te digo mama ? you too have sacrificed so much to raise us. you are such a caring and loving mother. you taught me to walk and talk. to sit straight and not chew with my mouth open lol you taught percy to always “look after la nena” to protect me and take care of me always. you do everything for us. and you worked. you werent a stay at home mom. you not only helped raise us along with my dad but you worked as well. and your job is tough. i know you come home tired. i wish you would change jobs so that you dont always come home so tired. you taught me everything i know. taught me to be myself. i know it wasnt easy raising me hahaha i know i was stubborn and mean. but you didnt care. you never failed to show me all the love a mother can possibly show a child. and when i had questions about “girl stuff” or boys you didnt laugh at me or shy away from my questions. you braced them and acted like they were any other type of questions. you never shied away from anything when it came to us. you protect us so much. your the mama bear and we’re your cubs. you always defend us and care for us and protect us if anyone tries to do anything to us. even now that we’re older and adults you still look after us. make sure we’re doing ok. protect us from any dangers of life. you sacrificed your education, your dreams for us and all i want to do is help you finish your education, help you accomplish your dreams. i try so much to help you because you help me all the time. i know i can be lazy and thick headed but no matter what know that i will do anything and everything for you (and dad) so that is my mission. to help you. to take care of you for a change. because everyday i thank God for blessing me with such an amazing mother.

i love you both so much. words cant really fully explain how much i love you guys.

-your little girl ❤ xoxo

~the real journey begins


About pensivenightowl

A recent college graduate, I am now figuring out what it's really like to be an adult. I am starting my new journey doing what I love to do most. Time to live !
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