Mistakes and All

I’m sorry I can’t be who you want me to be

 i try and try but everything that i do is not right

you ask me to do well in school and i do

you ask me to work hard and i do

you ask me to become someone better in life and i am


and yet…


one mistake

thats all it takes

for me to be a failure in your eyes


i can’t do everything 

i don’t have that kind of power

but even if i did

i wouldn’t change a thing


you once taught me that we all learn from our mistakes

but how am i supposed to learn if you don’t let me make any

and when i do

you yell at me 

all because i wasn’t perfect….


i understand you did this because you believe that i can do it

that i can be someone better than you


but i don’t want to be someone better than you

i want to be me

mistakes and all


i’m going to make mistakes

i’m going to have imperfections

i’m going to mess up one day


but you know what?


thats alright


i will become someone better

not better than you

but just better


i will become someone significant in life

significant to those around me

significant to those that i love


and that includes you

that is if you can accept me

mistakes and all


i will succeed in life

i will 

but let me do things my way now

let me learn to be independent


one day you are going to have to let go

not be a stranger

just let go


one day you are going to have to let me make mistakes

not fail

just make mistakes


one day…

but for now all i ask is for you to let me breathe


you keep me caged up

locked up

tied up


give me space

to spread my wings

to fly among others

to fly with the wind


just be aware 

that not every time i’m going to be flying with the wind

but against it

and i will stumble 

but i won’t fall


let me stumble

let me come close to falling


trust me

that’s all i ask


trust me and my imperfections

mistakes and all


~the real journey begins


About pensivenightowl

A recent college graduate, I am now figuring out what it's really like to be an adult. I am starting my new journey doing what I love to do most. Time to live !
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