A new chapter in my life



So I’ve decided to start doing the Herbalife program. It’s a lifetime commitment to not only eating healthier, but also working out and living a healthier lifestyle. I had been thinking about doing this for some time now but I always postponed it because of the price. But now that I can afford it I’m excited to be doing it ! So far I have been on it for 2 days and I haven’t felt hungry. What I mean by that is that I haven’t felt like I’m starving myself. I eat adequately and follow the instruction exactly how I am supposed to do it.

I wake up and make my shake in the morning: Two scoops of formula 1, one scoop of protein, and one scoop of prolessa. I’ll sometimes add fruit or peanut butter to make it taste a little better. 

On my way to work I drink my tea: One teaspoonful of the tea and 2 cupfuls of the aloe. 

Then I snack in between breakfast and lunch. Of course these are healthy snacks like apple with peanut butter, carrots, low sugar fruit, whole wheat thins, etc 

For lunch I have my one meal of the day usually consisting of grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables. Or I’ll have a lean cuisine meal or something low on calories but nutritious and fulfilling. Also I’ll have tea again with my lunch. 

Then I snack again between lunch and dinner. Again these are healthy snacks (see above).

 For dinner I do my final shake (without the prolessa). I’ll have my tea later that night and if I am hungry then I’ll have a small snack as well. 

Like I said before. I don’t starve myself at all. It’s just all about managing what you eat, when you eat, and taking the products how you’re supposed to. 

The most important part of all of this is working out. You have to work out at least 4 times a week for an extensive amount of time. I usually go 5-6 times a week for about an hour a day. Most people always make the mistake of not working out much or at all while dieting. You might lose a couple of pounds at first when dieting but you will not lose more or tone your body if you don’t work out. I run everyday and alternate the days on which part of my body I work out. Sometimes it’s abs days, or legs days, or arms day, or pure cardio, or flexibility, etc. We’re supposed to measure and weight myself every week. I’ve yet to do that since a week hasn’t passed. I will keep you posted on my progress. 

I am very happy and excited for this chapter in my life. I am hoping to lose the weight I wish to lose (about 25 lbs) and to tone my body. Overall, I want to be healthier, feel healthier, and feel happy about myself and my life. 

~the real journey begins 


About pensivenightowl

A recent college graduate, I am now figuring out what it's really like to be an adult. I am starting my new journey doing what I love to do most. Time to live !
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