Classic banana nut muffins

these look delicious !!!

write meg!

Banana nut muffins

We’re pretty diligent about our fruit around here.

Each Monday finds Spence and I wandering the aisles of our local market, stocking up on whatever is on season and on sale (budgets!). Because they’re cheap and delicious, a bunch of bananas always wind up in our cart — and I don’t usually have a tough time polishing ’em off before they go brown.

But I dropped the ball last week.

Feeling perky on Sunday morning, my energetic husband decided we should whip up some banana nut muffins for breakfast to use up the overripe stash of fruit on our counter. Because I was unwilling to wait a half hour for said treat, I proceeded to eat my usual morning meal while we waited . . . but these? Worth the wait.

And the calories.

The humble banana nut muffin may not be the sexiest breakfast item around, but there’s a…

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A recent college graduate, I am now figuring out what it's really like to be an adult. I am starting my new journey doing what I love to do most. Time to live !
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