A new chapter in my life



So I’ve decided to start doing the Herbalife program. It’s a lifetime commitment to not only eating healthier, but also working out and living a healthier lifestyle. I had been thinking about doing this for some time now but I always postponed it because of the price. But now that I can afford it I’m excited to be doing it ! So far I have been on it for 2 days and I haven’t felt hungry. What I mean by that is that I haven’t felt like I’m starving myself. I eat adequately and follow the instruction exactly how I am supposed to do it.

I wake up and make my shake in the morning: Two scoops of formula 1, one scoop of protein, and one scoop of prolessa. I’ll sometimes add fruit or peanut butter to make it taste a little better. 

On my way to work I drink my tea: One teaspoonful of the tea and 2 cupfuls of the aloe. 

Then I snack in between breakfast and lunch. Of course these are healthy snacks like apple with peanut butter, carrots, low sugar fruit, whole wheat thins, etc 

For lunch I have my one meal of the day usually consisting of grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables. Or I’ll have a lean cuisine meal or something low on calories but nutritious and fulfilling. Also I’ll have tea again with my lunch. 

Then I snack again between lunch and dinner. Again these are healthy snacks (see above).

 For dinner I do my final shake (without the prolessa). I’ll have my tea later that night and if I am hungry then I’ll have a small snack as well. 

Like I said before. I don’t starve myself at all. It’s just all about managing what you eat, when you eat, and taking the products how you’re supposed to. 

The most important part of all of this is working out. You have to work out at least 4 times a week for an extensive amount of time. I usually go 5-6 times a week for about an hour a day. Most people always make the mistake of not working out much or at all while dieting. You might lose a couple of pounds at first when dieting but you will not lose more or tone your body if you don’t work out. I run everyday and alternate the days on which part of my body I work out. Sometimes it’s abs days, or legs days, or arms day, or pure cardio, or flexibility, etc. We’re supposed to measure and weight myself every week. I’ve yet to do that since a week hasn’t passed. I will keep you posted on my progress. 

I am very happy and excited for this chapter in my life. I am hoping to lose the weight I wish to lose (about 25 lbs) and to tone my body. Overall, I want to be healthier, feel healthier, and feel happy about myself and my life. 

~the real journey begins 

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It’s one of those things that doesn’t really hit me until days later. It was like this last time when she left. I worry about her and all but at the same time I understand why she feels like she needs to do this. I didn’t understand it a few years ago. I didn’t get why people felt the need to go back. I know that it’s their duty and that most are proud of the work that they do but I did not understand the NEED to do it. It was something that my ex boyfriend told me that made me realize it goes beyond duty. Something he said that finally clicked. He said that it was more about the brothers and sisters he left behind still doing what he was doing. He said that how could he be ok with leaving without the people he cared about most. He once told me that when he came home he felt useless, like he didn’t have a purpose. Which was why he wanted to go back. He said that being back there made him feel like he had a purpose in life. Not just that but now he could help defend and protect his brothers and sisters. It was not just a duty he had for his country but also a duty he had to himself.

I understand it now. I can’t say that I know exactly what he meant. Let’s face it, unless you have gone through what they go through or are part of the military, you cannot possibly truly know what it’s like. You can understand their meaning, comprehend why they feel this way, but you cannot pretend to know what it actually feels like. And I don’t pretend to know that I do. I just understand her now and it makes me that much more proud of her. Being a Marine takes a special kind of person and I cannot express enough how proud I am of my cousin for choosing a path that not many choose to take.

~the real journey begins

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I miss you already cousin

~the real journey begins

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The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones (movie)


This is the next big thing ! As my brother put it, Harry Potter is done. Twilight is done. This is bound to be the next big series that people all around the world should fall in love with. It has a little bit of everything- sorcerers, vampire and werewolves, humans (mundanes), demons, Shadowhunters (half angels half humans), and other supernatural creatures. It has an eclectic category of characters, of supernatural beings. Aside from the creatures themselves, this movie has comedy, a love story, mysterious characters, plot twists, and it is full of action and adventure.

This movie is based on the book “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare. The great thing about this movie is that they followed the book very closely. There were, of course, minor changes in the movie and things left out (I mean come on, you can’t expect it to be exactly the same) but the overall plot and the essence of the characters were captured accurately. You will fall in love with the characters you are meant to fall in love with and you will hate the characters you are meant to hate.

The movie captured my attention from the vey beginning just like the book did. I am an avid reader and am very critical about books being turned into films. I always fear that the characters will not be portrayed as I envision, as many envision. All of the action and adventure, in my opinion, is easier to capture on film. The hardest part is truly capturing how the character is supposed to react, how they are supposed to act and feel and live. I truly believe that the characters were, in fact, portrayed as closely as i envisioned they would be. The cast was wisely chosen and the stories within the novel were greatly developed.

I definitely recommend this movie so much so that I want to go see it again and again and again. I cannot wait until the second movie comes out !

~ the real journey begins

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California is home…. forever !?

Many people have asked me whether or not I am going to stay in California for the rest of my life. They always say that I am very lucky to be living in a state like Cali- always sunny, perfect weather, big city, etc,.

Even though California will always be home and the people that I love the most reside here in this beautiful state, I don’t think I will stay here forever. I have nothing against California. This state has been part of my wonderful life. I do love California and I really do feel like it is my home. But I just cannot see myself settling down here and planting my own roots. I want to go out there and visit all these different states. I want to end up at a state where the moment I step out of the plane, I feel like it’s home. I want a simple living. Nothing too extraordinary or big. I’m a small country girl living in a big city. And that’s exactly where I live. I live in a big city. It’s loud and crowded and full of busy lives. Some might find this exciting and so alive, and perhaps it is but when I picture what my future is going to be life, I just simply cannot see that as my future.

I want a simple life. A small town where everyone knows everyone. A quiet life where there is nature all around me. I want to teach at the local elementary school and watch those kids grow up. I want a husband and kids and watch them enjoy not just all this technology that is part of our lives now but also to enjoy the simple things in life that nature has supplied us. I want them to go fishing, swimming in a lake, hiking and exploring different trails and go hunting with their father. I want to live in a town where they put together different fairs and events at the town square. I want to sit out on my porch with my book and a glass of wine or hot chocolate. I want to look out and take a deep breath and be happy about my living situations. How realistic is all of this? I have no idea but it is what I want.

And so my search begins for my simple life. I will visit different states and meet new people. I will take it step at a time and try to enjoy the smallest moments along with the major ones. Hopefully I will find this location and person. Hopefully I will be happy with the choices that I make and will never regret any of it.

~the real journey begins

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Starting a new you !

This past May, I graduated from college. Woohoo !! Fantastic !! What an accomplishment. That’s great and all but… now what ? Isn’t that the big question ? What do you do once you’ve graduated? Well it’s something that I am trying to figure out now. Here are some things that normally go through my mind when I think of such an intense, life changing topic.

Do I continue with school?

Well there’s a loaded question now isn’t it. All my life I assumed I would graduate from high school, go to college and get my BA, get my MA and eventually my PhD. But now that I’ve finally gotten my BA I am rethinking everything. The older I get (and I’m not that old) the more I think about what’s important. Now do not misinterpret me please. By no means am I saying that furthering your education is bad. I am simply stating that sometimes continuing your scholastic career may not be for you or it may be something you want to put on pause. Maybe now you have other things on mind like getting a decent or great job, meeting someone special to start a family with or simple enjoy life and travel and finally doing the things you always wanted to do while you were in school. There is nothing wrong with that !

Is it ok to be thinking about settling down and starting a family?

There are people out there that start having a family more around their 30s. But there are others that want a family at a younger age. I feel like that’s perfectly fine. Coming from a family with young parents, I sometimes feel like that’s the way to go. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not approve of children having children (i.e. high schoolers getting pregnant) but you know starting in your mid 20s. I feel like you have more of an opportunity to enjoy a great variety of activities with your children. But like I said, it’s not for everyone. Some prefer to wait a little longer and that is perfectly fine. Just some thoughts.

What the heck does it mean to be an adult?

It’s funny how in high school we assumed that the moment you turn 18 we’re adults. Legally perhaps yes, but being an adult has nothing to do with age. I am 23 years old and live at home with my parents and I am barely now starting to get to know what it means to be an adult. Being an adult means knowing what it is like to have actual responsibilities. That can encompass financial situation, being in charge of someone else or something of value, and taking in life’s tough situations with grace and maturity.

Those are only a few of the things that go through my mind on a daily basis now that I am beginning this new chapter in my life. It is exciting to be going through all of these different transitions now. It is the journey that I have been waiting for my whole life. We shall see how it goes.

~the real journey begins

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Aaidan and I

Falling in love

~the real journey begins

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